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Cardamom Whoopie with almond aka Den nya Semlan

Whoopie Pie Semla Semlor 5

So once again Sweden face the tradition of “Fettisdagen” aka “Fat Tuesday”. We then eat cardamom rolls filled with almond paste-mixture and topped with whipped cream. This roll is called “Semla”. You can find my recipe for a delicious classic semla here. 
But the swedes has started to crave a bit more innovative ways to devour this delicious roll, so there has started to pop up many different alternatives to the classic. There has been a semmel-wrap, chocolate semla, pancake semla, semmel-pretzel and even shrimp semla ( what’s up with that?)! So I thought that I have to come up with a new version of my own – and here it is: Whoopie Pie Semla! 
A Whoopie flavoured with cardamom. Filled with the classic almond paste-mixture and whipped cream. It is so crazy delicious that you won’t be able to stop eating them. Whoopie Pie Semla is a great way to have a classic semla but with a little less fuss and it’s also easier to eat more of them 😉 
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