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eggnog rum delliedelicious christmas drink

Ah, I love Christmas. So much. Maybe too much? Can you love Christmas too much? Naah! What says Christmas more than a delicious eggnog in front of the fire with friends and family? I’ve tried many different eggnog recipes just to find the perfect one, and the result is of course a mix of many adapted recipes and I think that this is the best one, haha! 😛
So if you want a perfect eggnog with the right amount of spices, alcohol and creaminess – this is the one to try!
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Christmas Cocktail with Clementine

christmas cocktail clementine mandarin ginger cinnamon delliedelicous

I found some lovely clementines in my local fruit market the other day. So I couldn’t resist buying a kilo or so. I thought that they would be great in a Christmas-inspired drink. So I decided to pair them with a dark rum that I bought the other day for my Eggnog. I also wanted to get some of the typical flavors of Christmas into the drink and what is more Christmas than cinnamon? Ginger is also one of my favorite ingredients (as some of you might now by now) so I had to have ginger in the drink. I topped it of with a splash of apple cider and one spray of Angostura Bitters to balance out the sweetness of the drink. To add some extra cinnamon flavor I rimmed the glass with sugar and cinnamon so you get an instant hit of cinnamon with every sip.
Perfect cocktail for dinner parties, Christmas Eve or anytime you feel like a refreshing drink 🙂  
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