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Chocolate & Stout Cupcakes with Crispy Bacon

chocolate and stout cupcakes with crispy bacon delliedelicious

Chocolate and beer is nowadays a pretty common flavor combination in the foodie world. But not many people outside this foodie world has actually tried or even heard of the combination. I got the inspiration for this recipe while watching an episode of 2 Broke Girls. Max made a Spring Break Cupcake with beer and chocolate. I tried to make cupcakes with this combination with a maple syrup frosting and it was delicious, I also tried dipping some bacon in chocolate for fun and wow I’m glad i did. It was soooo good!
So I thought that my dads 60th birthday party would be the perfect place to showcase this delicious cake and a new version of the cupcakes. Since my dad love Guinness I had to use it in the sponge and I filled the cake and topped the cupcakes with a light chocolate mousse to go with the rich flavor of the sponge. To add some sweetness I candied some pecans and for saltiness? Super crispy bacon, yum!
I decorated the cake and cupcakes with some extra glamor – 24 carat gold leaves and gold dust, just to make it a bit more special for my dad 🙂
Dad and the guests were a little bit skeptical to having bacon on their cake and cupcakes, I must admit. But they all loved it! And I already have a lot of orders for this cake 😉
Happy Birthday dad!

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