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Easy & Delicious Detox Drink

detox drink lemon ginger apple cider vinegar turmeric cayenne delliedelicious
This drink is so easy to make and it tastes delicious too! Have a glass each day or pour into a bottle and sip on it during the day. It’s packed with lemon, turmeric and ginger. The cayenne pepper gives it a great punch and you can just feel this drink helping your body out in all sorts of ways.
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eggnog rum delliedelicious christmas drink

Ah, I love Christmas. So much. Maybe too much? Can you love Christmas too much? Naah! What says Christmas more than a delicious eggnog in front of the fire with friends and family? I’ve tried many different eggnog recipes just to find the perfect one, and the result is of course a mix of many adapted recipes and I think that this is the best one, haha! 😛
So if you want a perfect eggnog with the right amount of spices, alcohol and creaminess – this is the one to try!
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