Passionfruit & champagne drink

passionfruit ice cubes champagne drink delliedelicious

It’s Friday and here at my place we call it “champagne Friday”. We always drink sparkling wine on Fridays to celebrate the weekend. It’s a nice tradition that I think you really should try. Sparkling wine is delicious as it is, but sometimes it’s fun to spice it up a little bit. So today I’m going to share a super easy recipe that will add a tropical feel to your bubbly wine that you can serve to your guest at a dinner party or just to yourself. The secret? Passionfruit and mango ice cubes!

1 mango (I used mexican)
4-5 passionfruits (pulp)
champagne (or any sparkling wine that you prefer)

Cut the mango away from the stone and process the flesh in a food processor until smooth. Combine the mango purée with passionfruit pulp and pour into ice cube trays and freeze at least 6 hours, preferable over night.
To serve: Place an ice cube in each glass and stand for 5 minutes at room temperature. Pour over champagne and serve immediately Delicious!

passionfruit ice cubes champagne drink delliedelicious

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