Melon & Serrano


melon and serrano dinner piel de  sapo  delliedelicious

This is so simple and easy that it’s not really a recipe just a suggestion really. Melon and Serrano is a classic combination on a warm and sunny day. And along with a glass of sparkling wine (pref. Cava) it’s just so refreshing and delicious.
It’s perfect for lunch, dinner, tapas or even dessert. You choose!

1/3 of a Melon (Piel de Sampo)
150 g Serrano
thyme (optional)

Use a knife and remove the peel and seeds from the melon. Chop into the size that you prefer. Put the chopped melon onto two plates and divide Serrano ham between them. Sprinkle a few thyme leaves over the plate and enjoy this light and delicious plate of food!

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