Green Bomb Smoothie

 Green bomb smoothie healthy delliedelicious spinach avocado
Green bomb smoothie spinach avocado healthy delliedelicious
This smoothie is a green bomb full of vitamins and nutrition. Grapes are low in calories and full of resveratrol, avocado gives the smoothie a creamy texture and adds healthy fat. Pear gives you fibers, vitamin c and anti-oxidants. Spinach is an amazing vegetable that is full of different vitamins and minerals and lime juice has vitamin c and great flavour. And to finish of this green bomb smoothie we have greek yoghurt to add calcium and proteins. 

I recommend you to prepare this smoothie in advance so that you have all the ingredients ready to go whenever you want to have a delicious smoothie. Prepare by chopping and freezing avocado, pear and spinach. Divide it into portions, enough for one serving, and put the ingredients in freezing bags and freeze.

1 serving
10 green grapes
1/4 chopped avocado, frozen
1/2 pear, peeled, chopped and frozen
1 cup fresh chopped spinach, frozen
1/2 lime juice and peel
100 ml greek yoghurt
30 ml water

Mix all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Enjoy immediately or keep it chilled for later. I’ve sprinkled some pistachios over the smoothie just because I had some leftovers from another day, Delicious!

Green bomb smoothie spinach avocado healthy delliedelicious

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