Delicious Chanterell Sandwiches

delliedelicious chantarelle sandwich kantarell

I’m really lucky to be living in a part of our world where we can go out and pick anything we like in the forest. And this autumn the forest has been flooded with gold (chanterelles that is ). And the best way of preparing chanterelles is to just fry them gently in butter. Lots of butter. Like a lot, a lot! And some fresh thyme. It’s delicious! You can eat them directly out of the pan or you can do what I do and fry of some bread in the same pan after frying the mushrooms. And serve the chanterelles on top. Wow, it’s so simple and so yummy!
In this recipe I have used a sourdough bread from my bakery – Landbrød. It’s quite fine bread which I think goes great with this dish.
So here it is, my super simple and super delicious chanterell sandwich recipe:

2 servings ( 4 sandwiches )

300 – 400 g fresh chanterelles
100 butter (or more, its up to you. But the more the better 😉 )
fresh thyme springs, use as much as you prefer
4 pieces of bread, I used a fine sourdough loaf

delliedelicious chantarelle sandwich kantarell

Begin by cleaning your chanterelles. Put them in a cold pan and add butter and thyme springs. Fry on medium low temperature until they are soft and tender. Remove from pan. Add more butter to the pan and fry your pieces of bread in the same pan as the chanterelles until crisp on both sides. Place bread on a plate and put mushrooms on top. Decorate with a thyme spring. And now, enjoy!

delliedelicious chantarelle sandwich kantarell

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