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New Years Drink and Appetizer (Madbloggerudfordringen 10)

new year drink coctail appatizer delliedelicious madboggerudfordringen

new year drink coctail appatizer delliedelicious madboggerudfordringen

Well we’re soon there, New Years Eve 2015. And maybe you have started to plan your menu, or maybe you’re just looking for inspiration online. I’m in a challenge on the Danish site Madbloggerudfordringen where I have to come up with a drink and appetizer for the big evening. I love bubbles, and what is more appropriate on New Years Eve than bubbles? To make it a bit more exiting I’ve reduced an apple and pomegranate juice to a syrup that I’ve added to my favourite organic Prosecco. I’ve also added a little bit of rosemary to add some extra yum.
I wanted to bring the pomegranate into the appetizer as well and make something that is fast and easy, since preparing a dinner party can be quite stressful. So I’ve made parmesan chips and a salmon tartar with pomegranate seeds. It’s super fresh and delicious so that it goes really well with your drink.

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Delicious Chanterell Sandwiches

delliedelicious chantarelle sandwich kantarell

I’m really lucky to be living in a part of our world where we can go out and pick anything we like in the forest. And this autumn the forest has been flooded with gold (chanterelles that is ). And the best way of preparing chanterelles is to just fry them gently in butter. Lots of butter. Like a lot, a lot! And some fresh thyme. It’s delicious! You can eat them directly out of the pan or you can do what I do and fry of some bread in the same pan after frying the mushrooms. And serve the chanterelles on top. Wow, it’s so simple and so yummy!
In this recipe I have used a sourdough bread from my bakery – Landbrød. It’s quite fine bread which I think goes great with this dish.
So here it is, my super simple and super delicious chanterell sandwich recipe: Read more

Melon & Serrano


melon and serrano dinner piel de  sapo  delliedelicious

This is so simple and easy that it’s not really a recipe just a suggestion really. Melon and Serrano is a classic combination on a warm and sunny day. And along with a glass of sparkling wine (pref. Cava) it’s just so refreshing and delicious.
It’s perfect for lunch, dinner, tapas or even dessert. You choose! Read more

Roasted Beet Root & Goats Cheese Salad


roasted beet root salad goats cheese rödbetsallad getost chevre

Is there a better combination than beet root and goats cheese? Don’t think so! This is a great and simple recipe for a good and healthy meal. For me, this is comfort food! 
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Nettle Soup

nettle soup nässelsoppa nesslesuppe delliedelicious ägg egg


Nettle season is here! At least here in the northern parts of Europe. I grew up eating nettles. As soon as it started raining my mum sent me and brother out to pick these green burning leaves. But we loved the soup so much that it was worth it.
It’s such a great feeling of finding something growing wild in the nature and be able to pick it, use it and eat it – all for free. And it’s super healthy as well. Nettles are packed with vitamin A, iron and proteins. You can dry the leaves and blend them into a fine powder and use it in cooking, for nettle tea or when baking bread. Or you can do what I do in this recipe and blanch them and use them for soup. After blanching you can put the nettles in freezing bags and freeze for another day. I always say that you can substitute nettles for spinach. It works great as a pie filling, in breakfast muffins, eggs florentine and so on. It’s so tasty and delicious! Read more

Pansooti med chevre och mynta

pansooti goats cheese lemon mint delliedelicious


pasta delliedelious

Finns det något bättre än färsk hemmalagad pasta? Nej, skulle inte tro det! Att göra egen pasta deg är inte alls särskillt svårt, om du inte har en manuell pastamaskin eller en så här från Philips så kan du faktiskt använda dig av en kavel. Men det underlättare ju såklart enormt mycket om du har en maskin. Pastadeg består bara av tre ingredienser; mjöl, ägg och salt. Och du behöver bara sen lite armmuskler så att du kan ge degen ordentligt med kärlek i din knådning. När du gör pasta beräknar du 1 ägg / 100g mjöl så blir det bra.
I det här receptet har jag gjort fylld pasta som jag har tryckt ihop med en sån här utstickare som jag fick en gång för länge sen av en polsk kollega. I Polen används den för att göra piroger med. Jag har fyllt pastan med chévre, citron och mynta. Enkla och fräscha smaker som passar perfekt ihop med pasta. Som sås har jag gjort en nötig bränd smörsås och jag serverar ärtor och rostade pinjenötter till.
Den här rätten är perfekt som förrätt eller lunch. Read more

Shellfish Bisque

shellfish bisque stock delliedelicious shellfish bisque stock delliedelicious

Seafood is so delicious! And here in Norway we get great seafood! So I used a shellfish stock that I’ve made to make a creamy bisque. I fried some skrei to go along with the bisque and also added some fresh shrimps. This is a great recipe that I think everyone should try. And you will definitely do it again.  Read more

Deviled Eggs with Jalapeños and Bacon

deviled eggs jalapeno bacon delliedelicious fyllt ägg
deviled eggs jalapeno bacon delliedelicious fyllt ägg


Easter is getting closer so I thought that I have to share some of my favourite egg-recipes. I love eggs! They are so versatile. So today you’ll get a recipe for an hors d’oeuvre that’s great for your Easter celebration. Deviled eggs goes way back in history, to the Romans actually. You serve hard boiled egg that you have cut in half and filled with a spicy filling (therefore it’s called ‘deviled’ for it’s spiciness). The spicy flavour usually comes from the mustard that you use in the filling.I’m obsessed with jalapeño poppers so I wanted to do something with jalapeños, and egg and bacon is a combo made in heaven so I’ve added those two together and tadaa! Deviled Eggs with Jalapeños and Bacon: Read more

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Spinach waffles

spinach waffles salmon delledelicious

There’s a great Swedish tradition that’s celebrated the 25th of march each year. The Waffle Day (Våffeldagen). And as a proud swede I feel obligated to share some waffle recipes with you. So the first recipe is for a waffle that you can eat for dinner or as a starter. Spinach waffles with smoked salmon and horseradish sauce. You can use fresh or frozen spinach it’s up to you. This waffle is perfect for you who wants something different from the regular waffle, so try this and let me know what you think in the comments below!
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Passionfruit & champagne drink

passionfruit ice cubes champagne drink delliedelicious

It’s Friday and here at my place we call it “champagne Friday”. We always drink sparkling wine on Fridays to celebrate the weekend. It’s a nice tradition that I think you really should try. Sparkling wine is delicious as it is, but sometimes it’s fun to spice it up a little bit. So today I’m going to share a super easy recipe that will add a tropical feel to your bubbly wine that you can serve to your guest at a dinner party or just to yourself. The secret? Passionfruit and mango ice cubes! Read more