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Breakfast Wrap

breakfast wrap eggs bacon cheese delliedelicious frukostwrap frokostwrap

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of different ideas for wrap-filling, so today I made a breakfast wrap. It’s Sunday after all so I had to have something extra delicious for breakfast. Since I’m a huge scrambled eggs & bacon fan I decided to put a whole breakfast into one wrap. It’s filled with crispy bacon, perfect scrambled eggs, ham, melty cheese and topped with chives. And wow, it was amazing! I really loved it and I will definitely make this so to a regular on my weekend breakfast (or lunch).
If you don’t mind cold scrambled eggs this will also be perfect for pick-nicks and lunch to go.  Read more

Pancakes with Rhubarb Compote

pancakes rhubarb compote strawberries pannkakor kompott pannekaker delliedelicious

I’ve mentioned before I absolutely love the combination of rhubarb and strawberries. The sweetness from the berries is balanced out by the tart rhubarbs. This is a great dish that you can serve for breakfast, brunch, on pick-nicks and as a dessert. Have it with ice cream or cream. Filled pancakes are always a hit and I think it screams summer.

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Strawberry Smoothie

strawberry smoothie raspberry delliedelicious

This smoothie is really simple with few ingredients and no fuzz. Ingredients? Strawberries, raspberries, banana and milk. Delicious? Yes!
I always make this smoothie for my niece since it’s has very kid-friendly flavors. She loves it and always begs me to make more. So try making this for yourself or to your kids. You can even freeze it in popsicle molds and serve them as popsicles. Yum! Read more

Delicious Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese perfect delliedelicious


A crispy and cheesy grilled cheese sandwich is always a hit! It’s a perfect midday snack and breakfast. But it also works great as a midnight snack or hangover cure. You can use as much cheese as you like and any type of cheese.( I often go with three different types of cheese. ) Add ham or another ingredient if you want. As long as you have a crispy outside and a cheesy gooey middle everything will be fine.
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Champagne Breakfast

champagne breakfast mimosa prosecco delliedelicious

What a better way to start your weekend than with a delicious champagne breakfast. We had it today since it the National Day of Norway, 17:e mai. On this day you’re allowed to have as much champagne and hot dogs as you want. But a champagne breakfast is also perfect as a romantic gesture or as a birthday celebration. But I think that just having this type of breakfast once in while makes everything a little better 😉 As long as you keep your drinking at moderate level of course.
I love Mimosas so that’s what me and my boyfriend did today. And instead of champagne we used a Prosecco that really goes well with orange juice. You can eat anything you like for this type of breakfast and today we decided to have a sweet vanilla yoghurt with fresh strawberries and grilled cheese. A little bit of freshness and a little bit of guilty pleasure. Can it get any better? So here’s our champagne breakfast:

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Green Bomb Smoothie

 Green bomb smoothie healthy delliedelicious spinach avocado
Green bomb smoothie spinach avocado healthy delliedelicious
This smoothie is a green bomb full of vitamins and nutrition. Grapes are low in calories and full of resveratrol, avocado gives the smoothie a creamy texture and adds healthy fat. Pear gives you fibers, vitamin c and anti-oxidants. Spinach is an amazing vegetable that is full of different vitamins and minerals and lime juice has vitamin c and great flavour. And to finish of this green bomb smoothie we have greek yoghurt to add calcium and proteins. 

I recommend you to prepare this smoothie in advance so that you have all the ingredients ready to go whenever you want to have a delicious smoothie. Prepare by chopping and freezing avocado, pear and spinach. Divide it into portions, enough for one serving, and put the ingredients in freezing bags and freeze. Read more

Flat stomach smoothie

flat stomach smoothie delliedelicious kale pineapple blueberries peanut butter

Smoothie is a great thing to start your day with. It’s packed with good stuff and it’s a perfect way for those of you who wish to loose a little weight or just need some healthier breakfast/lunch habits. In Norway, where I live, it’s very common to have a few slices of bread for breakfast and lunch. I do love bread but I know that it’s not good for you to have too much gluten in your diet, so I wish everyone just could switch some bread slices for a delicious and healthy smoothie instead. It takes you less time to make a smoothie than preparing sandwiches. I use a To-Go- Smoothie mixer that I love and the smoothie in this recipe takes no more than 3 minutes to throw together, so there’s no reason not to try it, right?
This Flat Stomach Smoothie contains blueberries for antioxidants, pineapple for c-vitamin and bromelain (it helps you digest and break down protein and much more), kale because it’s amazing and is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, peanut butter because we need some good fat, yummy flavour and it’s help you feel full longer. I’ve also added greek yoghurt for proteins and probiotics and last but not least water (‘casue we all need it). There are so many more health benefits from all these ingredients so just google them and find out more. 
Now, lets get mixing! Read more

Perfect scrambled eggs!

perfect scrambled eggs delliedelicious
Scrambled eggs is perfect for breakfast with some crispy bacon to go along with it. I’ve noticed that a lot of people here in Norway and Sweden believes that scrambling eggs is just to crack eggs in to a pan and stir with a spatula. And when it’s a bit brown – it’s done. I hope that this recipe will help you to understand that it’s not difficult to get fluffy, creamy and perfect scrambled eggs with no fuzz.
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Passionfruit curd (passion curd)

passionfruit curd delliedelicious passionfruit curd delliedelicious

The second day of passionfruit week is here! Today I’m going to share with you, my favorite recipe for passionfruit curd. Curd is amazing! Everything tastes a little better with curd on it. So this curd is velvety and smooth, tangy and a little bit sweet. Perfect that is. It does not take you long to prepare this either, around 15 minutes. So there’s really no excuses for you not to try this! So put you apron on and let’s get cooking!
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Kärleksvecka: Pink velvet pannkakstårta

Pink velvet crepe cakePink velvet crepe cakeKärleksveckan fortsätter och jag tänkte idag ge er ett tips på en lyxig (och lite tidskrävande) frukost som du kan servera din familj, kärlek, vän eller dig själv på Valentine’s Day. Du kan också servera den här som dessert eller till fikat om det blir lite för söt start på dagen. Men med ett glas bubbel i handen och en bit av den här tårtan tror jag ingen tackar nej till den här frukosten.
Jag har alltså gjort en Pink velvet pannkakstårta. Pannkakorna har en mörk rosa färg och doftar svagt av kakao. Mellan varje pannkaka har jag ett tunt lager med en klassisk red velvet fyllning (philadelphia smörkräm).
Den går bra att förbereda den dagen innan, så det finns egentligen ingen ursäkt till att du inte ska äta den här tårtan på Alla Hjärtans Dag. Read more