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Nordic Hotdog Championship! Finalen i New York!

So I am now back in Norway from New York City and the finals of Nordic Hotdog Championship. It was an amazing trip and I am so happy that I got this opportunity. I have met a lot of people, ate good food and I got a lot of inspiration. The day of the competition was chaotic, but really fun!

Me and my competitor Egil (who was representing Sweden) got to borrow the kitchen at Humboldt & Jackson ‘s. We got the whole kitchen to ourselves, It was the first time for me in a commercial kitchen so it was exiting and I learned a lot.
Luckily Brooklyn Brewers head chef, Andrew Gearson, helped us out with ingredients, equipment and other stuff.
The time went by so fast and when we had to take a taxi over to Brooklyn Brewery with all of our food.

When we got there we met our professional competitors. 6 professional chefs and their TEAMS. We had no teams, we were just 1 person. I represented Norway and Egil – Sweden. So we got our job cut out for us. Luckily my boyfriend helped me and Egils wife helped him, so we could get the hot dog frying going. 120 guests was waiting + members of a jury. Everyone loved my hot dogs and they took photos, interviewing me and so on. It was awesome! I smelled like a burnt sausage but I still loved every second of the evening. I felt very privileged to be standing there among these great chefs:

Neal Fraser, various restaurants in Los Angeles
Paul Backer, Tilia, Minneapolis
Sami Tallberg, chef and forager, Finland
Sven Olavsson Patursson, Hotel Hafnia, Faroe Islands 
Fredrik Andersson, Gothia Towers, Gothenburg
Ricard McCormick, food truck and catering, 

The guest caste their votes with beer caps and the judges had a tasting. I came third, 3 point behind the first place. Only 1 point behind Fredrik Andersson (chef in Swedens national cooking team). So I was so happy and proud!

The day after the competition me and my boyfriend was invited to attend at a cocktail party on Manhattan, that was hosted by Norwegian Seafood Council. Some of the chefs from yesterdays finals was there, some cooking and some eating and drinking. There were a lot of different seafood dishes made out of norwegian seafood and it tasted amazing!
The evening ended at our favorite roof top bar in Financial District.

This experience was so amazing and I am so so happy that I got to do this 😀
nordic hotdog championship dellie wakehamnordic hotdog championship dellie Wakeham

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Semi Finals in The Nordic Hot Dog Championship

So now it’s over, the semi finals of the Nordic Hot Dog Championship.
Me and four other food bloggers from Norway had to fight to take home the first place at Brooklyn Brewerys summer party at Uhørt in Oslo. The winner got to take a friend with him/her to New York City where he/she will represent Norway in the finals of the Nordic Hot Dog Championship. At the championship the winner will compete against another amateur cook representing Sweden and 6 professional chefs. This will take place at Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn at the North – Nordic Food Festival together with Honest Cooking.



The Event in Oslo was very nice and fun. Good music, great beer and very good atmosphere. We got 3 barbeques that we could use for prepping our different hot dogs. (Read about my hot dog here.)

And we then had to present our hot dogs in front of the crowd and three judges:

Ole Martin Alfsen, chef, writer
Erik Sørensen, sausage maker Strøm Larsen
Sigrid Strætkvern, writer and beer-guru

They tasted and tasted and finally came to a conclusion. They had decided on a second and a first place. On second place came Karine with her homemade sausages with nordic influences and on first place came… drum roll…. me! I couldn’t believe it , de other sausages was so good so this was very unexpected. But now Iäm going to take my boyfriend with me and go to NYC and defend Norways honor against Sweden in The Nordic Hot Dog Championship!

Read about the finals here!DSC_0565

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