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Frozen maple sirup mousse with pecans

frozen maple syrup mousse candied cranberries delliedelicious
frozen maple syrup mousse candied cranberries delliedelicious

This is a great dessert that’s easy to make but tastes like something that you’d get in a nice restaurant. The texture is very similar to semifreddo so it’s light and velvety. The crust is made out of pecans and together with the maple syrup mousse it’s a combination made i heaven. I’ve made a cranberry syrup just to add some freshness to the more heavy flavours in the cake. This dessert is perfect after a festive dinner or to serve on a hot summer day. My guest loved this cake and it was gone in a second! I found this recipe in a Food & Wine magazine and I just ha to share it with you here on my blog with a few of my own changes.
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Cinnamon-roll waffles

cinnamon roll waffle kanelbulle våfflor delliedelicious
cinnamon roll waffle kanelbulle våfflor delliedelicious
I know, it sounds amazing! And it is! Two delicious things made into one awesome treat topped with sweet icing. Sounds like heaven to me… As I have written in another post it’s that time of year when everyone in Sweden eats waffles. Why? It’s the Waffle Day! Every year the 25th of march we eat as many waffles as we can. We eat them with whipped cream and jam (raspberry, strawberry or mulberry).
But since I live in Norway now I tend to eat more waffles than I would’ve if I still lived in Sweden. Here in Norway they eat waffles almost every Friday, it’s crazy (in a good way, of course!)! But here they don’t eat their waffles like we do in Sweden. They have butter and brunost (brown cheese) on them. When I had my first look at this strange combo I was really sceptic. But I tried it, and it was so delicious! So you can have your waffles any way you want, everyone has their own favourite batter and/or topping. That’s why I’ve decided to post a non-traditional waffle recipe. Cinnamon-roll Waffles! First you make your cinnamon-rolls and then you bake them in your waffle iron. It sounds easy, I know! And it is! So why not spice this day up with a little bit of non-traditional deliciousness?
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Spinach waffles

spinach waffles salmon delledelicious

There’s a great Swedish tradition that’s celebrated the 25th of march each year. The Waffle Day (Våffeldagen). And as a proud swede I feel obligated to share some waffle recipes with you. So the first recipe is for a waffle that you can eat for dinner or as a starter. Spinach waffles with smoked salmon and horseradish sauce. You can use fresh or frozen spinach it’s up to you. This waffle is perfect for you who wants something different from the regular waffle, so try this and let me know what you think in the comments below!
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Quick & easy Danish pastries

danish pastries cheat delliedelicious raspberrydanish pastries cheat delliedelicious raspberry

Danish pastry is something that I can’t get enough of. It’s flaky, sweet and delicious! But sometimes you just don’t have time to make a puff pastry (or maybe you just don’t want to), so this is a cheat recipe for those of you who want a quick and easy recipe for a delicious treat. 
You can fill your Danish pastries with lots of different things. But I decided to make a raspberry filling. It’s my favourite. And I used raspberries that me and my sister picked in the forest last summer.
And now you might ask “so, what’s the cheat?”. It’s store bought puff pastry. It’s a real time saver, I promise!
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Passionfruit Cupcakes (Easter Cupcakes)

easter cupcakes passionfruit delliedelicious

easter cupcakes passionfruit delliedelicious

easter cupcakes passionfruit delliedelicious

Last day of my passionfruit week is here. I really hope that you’ve found some inspiration for the use of passionfruit. I brought you some classics, such as flummery, and something fusion like, such as passionfruit viniagrette. But I thought that I’ll finish this week of with something I love – cupcakes! Passionfruit cupcakes with a passionfruit buttercream frosting. Sounds delicious? I know! And they are! They’re fresh and has a great texture. 
I decided, since Easter’s coming up, that I’d decorate them Easter style. So I colored the buttercream green and piped it to the cupcakes and used some sugar flowers for decoration. The soil is oreos that I’ve crushed. And finally I’ve made the bunny in fondant. Theese cupcakes will look great as a centrepiece during your Easter celebration, or you can give them away as an Easter gift.  Read more

Passionfruit curd (passion curd)

passionfruit curd delliedelicious passionfruit curd delliedelicious

The second day of passionfruit week is here! Today I’m going to share with you, my favorite recipe for passionfruit curd. Curd is amazing! Everything tastes a little better with curd on it. So this curd is velvety and smooth, tangy and a little bit sweet. Perfect that is. It does not take you long to prepare this either, around 15 minutes. So there’s really no excuses for you not to try this! So put you apron on and let’s get cooking!
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Passionfruit shortbreads

passionfruit shortbreads delliedeliciouspassionfruit shortbreads delliedelicious

Welcome to my passionfruit week. Each day I will post a recipe that highlights the beautiful and tasty passionfruit. It’s my favorite fruit, hands down, and I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could. It’s full of vitamin C and fibers and it smells amazing. As I have told you before my uncle used to have a passionfruit vine in his garden at is old house. That’s were I fell in love with the fruit and I still am.
So today I’ve decided to make shortbreads with passionfruit. Shortbreads, who can say no to that right? And when passionfruit is added it’s even more irresistible. They look really pretty so they are perfect as a gift and you can cut them in any shape you want. Read more

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Perfect Classic Swedish Rolls with Almond / Perfekta klassiska semlor

Klassisk perfekt semla

Klassisk perfekt semla

“Fettisdagen” aka “Fat-tuesday”  is soon here (woho!) and I thought that a good old classic reipe for this delicious Swedish roll is in it’s place. I know that we’re still a lot of swedes out there that still enjoys this delicious, fluffy, perfect and classic roll.
Here in Norway where I live at the moment they have another version of this roll. They call it “Fastelavensbolle”. They split a regular roll in half and fill it with jam and whipped cream. They are also very delicious, but I do love my Classic Semla.

My Semlor is fluffy and the filling is so damn good that I could eat the whole lot with a spoon for breakfast. A hint of bitter-almond makes the trick and the home made almond paste makes everything just divine.
You can bake these rolls seperate, place them close together in a formation like I did above or make a giant roll and make a cake (Semmel-tårta).
So if your looking for a recipe for a perfect and classic semla, here you go:

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Kärleksvecka: Pink velvet pannkakstårta

Pink velvet crepe cakePink velvet crepe cakeKärleksveckan fortsätter och jag tänkte idag ge er ett tips på en lyxig (och lite tidskrävande) frukost som du kan servera din familj, kärlek, vän eller dig själv på Valentine’s Day. Du kan också servera den här som dessert eller till fikat om det blir lite för söt start på dagen. Men med ett glas bubbel i handen och en bit av den här tårtan tror jag ingen tackar nej till den här frukosten.
Jag har alltså gjort en Pink velvet pannkakstårta. Pannkakorna har en mörk rosa färg och doftar svagt av kakao. Mellan varje pannkaka har jag ett tunt lager med en klassisk red velvet fyllning (philadelphia smörkräm).
Den går bra att förbereda den dagen innan, så det finns egentligen ingen ursäkt till att du inte ska äta den här tårtan på Alla Hjärtans Dag. Read more

Kärleksvecka: Ingefärskakor

Ginger snaps

Snart är dagen på året här. Dagen som några av oss längtar efter som om det var årets höjdpunkt. En del hatar dagen och gör vad som helst för att undvika röda rosor och chokladaskar. Jag är själv en sån där likgiltig person till Valentine’s Day. Vi firar det egentligen inte, men ett glas bubbel eller två på själva dagen blir det alltid 😉

Den här veckan tänkte jag dock överösa bloggen med kärlek och recept som kan ge tips och inspiration till dagen D. Jag kommer börja veckan med ett presenttips till den som önskar att ge bort en ätbar gåva till sin Valentine (eller är det kasnke til din bästa vän, syskon, släkting?). 
Ingefärskakor, eler Ginger snaps som dom också kan kallas, är en småkaka med sting i. Dom har en underton av kanel och smakar fantastiskt! Så släng ihop dom här idag, knyt ett band runt dom och ge bort lite spicy love på lördag.
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