Candied Ginger

candied ginger ingefära ingefær kandert kanderad delliedelicious

candied ginger ingefära ingefær kandert kanderad delliedelicious

Candied ginger has been a favourite treat for me since I was a child. It’s sweet, chewy and hot. It’s just delicious! So I’ve decided that I need to make this so that I always have it at home when I crave it the most. It’s not that difficult to make and as a bonus you’ll also end up with a ginger syrup that you can use as an ingredient in drinks for example. This is a great gift when you go to dinner parties etc. 
Candied ginger keeps for several months in an airtight container. But my guess is that you will eat them all before that.  Read more

Strawberry Smoothie

strawberry smoothie raspberry delliedelicious

This smoothie is really simple with few ingredients and no fuzz. Ingredients? Strawberries, raspberries, banana and milk. Delicious? Yes!
I always make this smoothie for my niece since it’s has very kid-friendly flavors. She loves it and always begs me to make more. So try making this for yourself or to your kids. You can even freeze it in popsicle molds and serve them as popsicles. Yum! Read more

Spotted Wolffish with Turnips and Cucumber

steinbit wolffish pickled cucumber delliedelicious

steinbit wolffish pickled cucumber delliedelicious

Here in Norway we’re surrounded by great seafood and today I got the hold of a filet of spotted wolf fish (steinbit in Norwegian). The meat has a firm texture which makes this fish perfect for barbecues and frying. Since it is an endangered species in some parts of the world you need to make sure that the fish you buy is caught in waters where they’re not endangered.
When cooking this dish I’ve seasoned the fish with cajun spices and fried it. I’ve made a creamy and buttery turnip and carrot puree to go along with the fish. And I also pickled some cucumber ribbons and made a burnt butter sauce with hazel nuts. 
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Choux Pastry – Profiterole

petit choux cream puffs profiteroles delliedelicious

petit choux cream puffs profiteroles delliedelicious

My guilty pleasure of all time is a cream filled choux. Is there something better? I don’t think so! (If there is, please let me know 😉 ) This is my first time making choux pastry and I must say, it turned out amazing. So this recipe is perfect for beginners! They puffed up really good and dried out even better. I filled my choux buns with chantilly cream flavored with maple syrup. It was a perfect combination. I had some of them straight away but I also made a chocolate syrup sauce so that I could create my favorite choux dish – Profiterole. When I was younger my mom lived in Paris for a few years. Every time I went to visit her she had bought these little store bought desserts that we had after dinner. And that was 3 small choux buns filled with cream and covered in chocolate sauce. I loved it! Therefore I had to make this today. It was yum and it really gave me a flash back to France and Paris. So here you go, an easy recipe for choux buns: Read more

Raspberry Curd

raspberry curd delliedelicious
Raspberry curd is a great variation of the classic lemon curd. It’s a bit sweeter and it has a lovely colour to it. I’ve used raspberries that I picked in the forest, but you can use frozen store bought as well. I’ve added a little bit of lemon juice to balance out the sweetness.

I use this recipe as a braid filling or as a cake filling. When used as a cake filling you can use it as it is or you can mix it with a butter cream. But of course, a curd always taste best on toast 😉 Read more

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Lemon Curd

lemon curd delliedelicious

I am so happy that I have a British dad, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have had so much lemon curd in my life. Sometimes I think that my blood contains around 40% of lemon curd. I was born with a sweet tooth that I inherited from my father. He made sure that I got the right amount of lemon curd in my diet when I was a child. I ate it with a spoon straight from the jar, or on toast (but only on the weekends! 😉 ). I absolutely love lemon curd! It’s sweet and tangy on the same time. It’s just perfect! 
This recipe is adapted from an Australian recipe that I found. It has a great consistency that you can use just as it is or as a cake filling/ tart filling. When poured into sterilized jars it can keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.  Read more

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Nettle Soup

nettle soup nässelsoppa nesslesuppe delliedelicious ägg egg


Nettle season is here! At least here in the northern parts of Europe. I grew up eating nettles. As soon as it started raining my mum sent me and brother out to pick these green burning leaves. But we loved the soup so much that it was worth it.
It’s such a great feeling of finding something growing wild in the nature and be able to pick it, use it and eat it – all for free. And it’s super healthy as well. Nettles are packed with vitamin A, iron and proteins. You can dry the leaves and blend them into a fine powder and use it in cooking, for nettle tea or when baking bread. Or you can do what I do in this recipe and blanch them and use them for soup. After blanching you can put the nettles in freezing bags and freeze for another day. I always say that you can substitute nettles for spinach. It works great as a pie filling, in breakfast muffins, eggs florentine and so on. It’s so tasty and delicious! Read more

Delicious Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese perfect delliedelicious


A crispy and cheesy grilled cheese sandwich is always a hit! It’s a perfect midday snack and breakfast. But it also works great as a midnight snack or hangover cure. You can use as much cheese as you like and any type of cheese.( I often go with three different types of cheese. ) Add ham or another ingredient if you want. As long as you have a crispy outside and a cheesy gooey middle everything will be fine.
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Champagne Breakfast

champagne breakfast mimosa prosecco delliedelicious

What a better way to start your weekend than with a delicious champagne breakfast. We had it today since it the National Day of Norway, 17:e mai. On this day you’re allowed to have as much champagne and hot dogs as you want. But a champagne breakfast is also perfect as a romantic gesture or as a birthday celebration. But I think that just having this type of breakfast once in while makes everything a little better 😉 As long as you keep your drinking at moderate level of course.
I love Mimosas so that’s what me and my boyfriend did today. And instead of champagne we used a Prosecco that really goes well with orange juice. You can eat anything you like for this type of breakfast and today we decided to have a sweet vanilla yoghurt with fresh strawberries and grilled cheese. A little bit of freshness and a little bit of guilty pleasure. Can it get any better? So here’s our champagne breakfast:

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American – style Cheesecake with strawberries

american cheesecake ostekake delliedelicious

american cheesecake ostekake delliedelicious

Who can resist a cheesecake? It’s perfect for any occasion and it’s light and fresh.
This is an American-style cheesecake with strawberry jelly on top. I’ve cut out some small strawberry hearts that I’ve put inside the jelly for an extra cute touch. The cake takes a few hours to make so be sure that you give yourself enough time. It stores well in the fridge for 3 days. Read more